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Monday, October 03, 2005

Strategic Corporate Planning

L et’s face it, we’re not talking rocket science“.
Thus spake our finance director at the morning tea-break just now, a man blessedly unencumbered with original thought. I live for these moments and quite cruelly held his gaze. In a nasty stroke of innocent sadism I asked:
“Ahaha, in what way do you mean, Dick? Please, share the bounty of your wisdom with us, unworthy buffoons that we are. Are you referring I wonder, to the easy peasy lemon squeazy maths calculations that any chav in his hoodie could do? Or do you really mean Rocket ENGINEERING, which requires decades of experimental development and the resources of major economies, you slack-jawed, cretin?” Brainiac Bastard.

“I know Richard - all he has to do is tighten up his midfield and buy an out and out striker and they would walk away with everything this season.“

What a craven, broken reed I am.


Mynah Bird said...

Well, good doctor, I bet those easy peasy calculations are beyond 90% of blog readers, let alone chavs, so you are in danger of making yourself look like a pompous clever dick.

Is the easy stuff applying Newton's theory of gravitation to a projectile?

Gorilla Bananas said...

You tell him MB! The last thing we need is pent-up feelings of rage towards a fellow employee. Teamwork people! And profits!

Anonymous said...

Is it Dr. Maroon, or is it Dr. Dolittle?
With all the cunting wildlife commenting here, I am confused.

Dr Maroon said...

My friend at work and I were sniggering behind our hands at my mischief when she pointed out that the term is now understood to cover everything and therefore I was the dick and a pedant to boot.
MB: it’s a total skoosh, mmm I might risk the esoteric-ness of it and prove it. [sic]
Sapiens: careful, don’t upset the fauna; the reach of their tentacles is immeasurable.