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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Great Train Journeys I have Made No.1
(New improved)

In 2000 we took the train back from Washington to New York. By chance a Metroliner. A better class of train. Opposite was a man not much younger, a recent graduate. After an hour, he took out his cellphone and with an apologetic, elegant smile,( it was elegant) he phoned his friends. Remarkably, he is still the only person who has managed this without irritating all his neighbours.
I was watching the surprisingly foreign landscape go by, when the name of our hotel caught my attention. He was staying there too, and from this base he was courageously setting out the next day round some companies with his "resume" to get a job. He was explaining all this to his friends and making appointments there and then on the phone as we battered along through Maryland. This apparently is not uncommon among American graduates, but I still marvel at his gumption. When you compare it to the almost oriental, class summersaults we perform before anyone actually asks us if we can actually do anything.
With ten minutes to go, I took a walk to the club car for coffees. These club cars, done out in polished metals and woods, have to be seen really. By this time, the steward was packing away his things but stopped, and rooting around made up a tray which itself was a minor masterpiece. He couldn’t take payment he said, because his money had been totalised or something, and in one of those rare moments of psychic empathy gave me to understand that a tip would be gauche in the extreme.

SOOOO fucking what? You comparing Amtrak with BR? What? Sing out Maroon!

I just remember the journey, that’s all, and that young man.

Single grain, high temperature!
Gercha blades here! Three forra pound, three, FORRA pound!

I’m going to see if nursey will give me another pill.

Brett Easton Ellis is at Oran Mor tonight, I wonder if I will pick out the firm oiled body of Ms Hawtrey among the bandits and velcros?

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