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Monday, October 10, 2005

I’ve Got The Conch! I will be heard.

This is the last of the race heresy. The previous reads like a childish condemnation of racism and why not. And wouldn’t it be nice if we all got on?* I'm annoyed with the childish bit, not the condemnation, but that was not what i was out to prove. My fault entirely, I am a slovenly lazy and poor writer, I always assume everyone is psychic. Perhaps to put it more succinctly I should have said, there is NO human characteristic or property unique to any group.
Ergo no way of measuring.
Therefore no definitions.
No races.
The heresy stands.

Trebles and Nobel Luariates all round.

DNA profiling in forensic crime work (Steve Jones) has shown incredibly close matches between west coast Scots and Nigerians, while there is a corresponding mismatch with the south east English. The point I’m labouring, is that even on the molecular level, definitive absolutes can’t be found. Of course none of this will stop racists or fascists or religionists.

Who wants to join the Red Headed League? (red hair not compulsory)


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