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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Maroon apologises to HA HA HA

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the amount you consume, is inversely proportional to the amount you set out to consume.

Setting out last night, I was in great trim.
Gorilla Bananas had provided my opening gambit.
“Say what you like, Hitler or Stalin, they weren’t as bad as Captain Black of the Mysterons.” Pick the fucking bones out of that.
But, disaster of disasters, no-one of any consequence was out.
I was back home by ten. An opportunity missed.

So in that spoilt bastard, only had three pints, grumpy frame of mind I looked in here and immediately overplayed my ironic hand with HA HA HA to my utter embarrassment and shame. He’s only an imaginary friend but the whole episode has ruined my Saturday. Mrs M’s not due back till Wednesday so I should be content but I’m miserable.

I see Hutton’s jumped on the Pinter bandwagon. I really don’t see why a playwright of his standing should have to put up with petty sniping from middle class snobs just because he stood up against Bush and the war.

I am desperately rethinking everything.

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