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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Customer First Second and Third

……I assure you I wasn’t trying to be funny.…sir,….HAVE you tried switching it off and on again?….OK what’s the unit type?….well that one’s not certified for operation above 47 000 feet-it’s in the book….oh, a marine installation….yes I do know,….it’s in a boat, right?….yeah well they’re all boats to me….really? I did not know that….what?….as in Pugwash?…. I’m sorry you don’t like my tone,….oh is that so?….well if you think.... look you know where to find me!….anytime!…I’ll be here!….And you!
Bastard fucking Royal Navy.
Why o why is it, when you’re trying for a sharp exit on a Friday, some steadfast, hope and anchor Engineering Commodore Home Fleet (Western) or other will come on bellyaching,
“Now look here Maroon, damn thing’s giving us 80%. 80% is no damn use, ye hear?”
What, are you under attack? Is there something out there I should know about? Christ it’s only trials. What happened to Hearts of fucking Oak? And how did you get MY fucking number anyway? I’m a gentleman scientist! not a horny-handed son of toil.

I think I shall be having rum this evening.

“Please, Sir Buffington, leave it with me“, (and I’ll phone you back on Monday)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Complete and utter test.