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Friday, October 14, 2005

And tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers

……and what a memorable spit-roast we had that night I can tell you. Oh Hi there. An incident that took place at the ticket booth of the Penn Station Subway comes to mind.

Mynah Bird’s jet propulsion 101 continues in blue.
It’s easier to push something that doesn’t move than something that does.
That’s something to think about isn’t it? If you’re shaking your head saying “no” with raised eyebrows, perhaps imagining you’re funny, then you haven’t grasped the concept. So have another try, come on, it’s not that hard. Mull it over. Take the weekend.

I had arrived that day and was trying to buy a rake of subway tokens or a book of tickets like I had previously, but was making no headway. To compound matters, the girl in the glass bubble was far too good looking. She switched on a Tannoy and said for the whole station to hear,
“Now why would you want to buy a book of tickets?
That Tannoy had completely fucked me up.
“I I I thought it would be convenient. I bought them before.”
“Why don’t you want a Metrocard?”

not, Why, don't you want a Metrocard, but "why don't you want a Metrocard? (you cretin).

If you skoosh a garden hose at a child’s paper windmill it will spin, but notice also that the water is sprayed out in a disc from the centre. In getting the windmill to spin, the direction of the water has been changed by 90 degrees. That’s not very good is it? Couldn’t run a jet engine along those lines I think. Hmm we better mull that one over too I think.

“Where is it you’re going?”
Now we’re at the bone. This is true. Instead of saying uptown or downtown I just stared right at her, because that question had me stumped. Maybe it was the fucking Tannoy, I was shot to fuck by this time, the fucking hayseed comes to town. But I DID think “yeah where the fuck am I going?”
And I meant, you know, in life and everything.
“We don’t do books a tickets any more. Metrocard’ll do ya for a couple a weeks.”
“Splendid !“ I said and jumped on the first train, which was the shuttle to Grand Central, so that was OK.

That fucking happened. Just like the last one, so you better not slag me off.

More gas turbines on Monday 1600

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