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Friday, February 29, 2008

I cannot tell you the gratification I feel when I read your comments after a hiatus.

I am literally sworn to secrecy, but being of a reckless kidney, I am not afraid to say that I been in Cathay! Land of the Chicken Maryland with banana fritter? (I wish!)

This means that I have now been in (on?) every continent on (in?) the world. Except South America and Antarctica of course but then who wants to go to South America?

10 Cathay facts

1. They (Chinamen) are OK but utter pains in the arse to a man.
2. They do not eat Chinese food!
3. They eat fermenting vegetables that smell like garbage.
4. “Your food smells like garbage” is a grave insult to a Chinaman.
5. Access to this wonderful blog is blocked in China!
6. Twenty Major’s foul mouthed blog is not blocked.
7. They all stay in Mega City One which smells of mothballs.
8. They hate the Nipponese.
9. They understand English but prefer to show dumb insolence.
10. There’s thousands of them, all pushing and shoving disagreeably.

The flight back from Pying Pyong Bhat was the best flight I have ever had; BUT, I was reasonably sick into a paper bag on the one up from London ( another first for me!) The paper bag was very warm and very heavy when the stewardess took it off me. She sort of looked at me as if to say “Not bad, but I want more next time.”
My luggage, which was purchased for the trip because it looked expensive, arrived at the house in an unmarked van the next day but I wasn’t giving a damn by then.
I bet the nosey bastards at Heathrow have been through my underpants and stuff.