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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thieving Cunt Blogger Stole My Title !

Says dashing egghead.

The peaceful world of experimental thermodynamics was rocked to its foundations last night when it was revealed that strategic words had turned up in the Irish Free State.

“I’ve no doubt he did more with it than I ever could” said an emotional Dr A H K Maroon (29),
“and I took it from Golding anyway, but fuck, he could of waited the c*nt, I’ve only just got going, he‘s been going a fucking year now, the c*nt weasel” added the fluid mechanics supremo.

The Irish story refers to an English teacher with a speech impediment now teaching at Rugby.
The Provost of Rugby School admitted this morning that investigations were ongoing, adding that :“An Irish pederast shouldn’t be that difficult to find at Rugby.” [sic]

When asked if he had proof to back up his allegation, the dazed doc replied : “Yes it’s down there” pointing to the post 5 or 6 down the page.
In a bitter twist of the knife for the ashen faced boffin, it emerged that top society “it girl” FMC had been seen hanging about both blogs, though insiders say “her heart belongs to Twenty.”

Late yesterday, Ms Cat confirmed she was presently unavailable for photographs but would be making a statement through her publicist in the morning.

The Mail Says : When will this country finally wake up to the threat posed by Sinn Fein?

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