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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yellow tigers crouch in jungles in her dark eyes.

…..and I finished off by giving her a very nice pearl necklace. Oh hello again. We were just wondering whether to gloss over yesterday’s semi psychotic episode or not. The one where I started rambling about that train to New York with that young man on it. At this point you may be interested to know more about the granular nature of cast metallic items and how if one could produce components from single metallic grains, how that would be advantageous for that component in the unutterable, hellish conditions that exist in a gas turbine propulsion unit. Lets just say it was a piece of undigested macaroni, a potato, Tuesday’s suet dumplings.

Much, if not all in fact, of the maths involved in the design of these things has to do with the impingement of fluids. A fluid is a gas or a liquid. Remember that word, impingement. Say it with me now, don’t be embarrassed,
i m p i n g e m e n t - and rest.

Two years ago, nothing would do but I must be sent to meet with our partners in America. I am not senior and I’m technical not sales or business development, nonetheless, off I went. Robert, a contracts manager was sent to hold my hand. I can shmooze with the best of them, couple of pints in the bar I’m a bloody expert. But Robert came too. On the day, the big day, I was dismayed to see not only our opposite numbers but also a couple of their quite senior people had put in an appearance. I forgot all their names 2 seconds after the introductions. Things slid from there.

When a fluid impinges on something, it exerts a force. It gets complicated quite quickly now.

Item one on the agenda was a problem with a third party not at the meeting. Robert to my certain knowledge had skimmed the letters only. We smiled and nodded as some vice president outlined the problem and how we should tackle it.
Robert said “So yer sayin’ ye think they're cummin’ the cunt?“*
I knew I was still smiling because I could feel it, but I’d taken one in the gut for sure.
A miniscule pause, then hearty businessmen type laughs all round.
“If that’s how you’d put it Babby!“
“Is that a technical term Babby?“
“Have a bastard drink Rabbie.”
The usual bonhomie shit. I don’t think I said three more words.

If the force isn’t enough to move the something being impinged upon, the branch of mechanics is called statics, if it moves the something being impinged upon, it’s called dynamics. We shall be concerned with both.

* verbatim

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