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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

YEP! It’s Tuesday Roundup.

Lets start with the ladies.

The delectastic

LindyK has had a haircut! What else she had done? Matching collar and cuffs? We want Pictures! You want to show us, you know you do, you love it.

Flame haired poet and sex guru Ms Redhead, continues her advice column over at Mr G Bananas’.

Talking of poetry, nah, stuff it! NO! Update! (3:40GMT) : OLIVIA-POET is back!
“Underneath the bough, a book of verse, a loaf of bread, a flask of wine and thou, beside me singing in the Wilderness, and Wilderness is Paradise enow”
(one of Fitzgerald’s)

Fatmammycat is enjoying the best sex of her life right now, with some hazel-eyed, big-footed clod. What do we know of him? What are his intentions? What does his father do? Exactament. We know nothing: other than, he is distracting her from her vocation. Has he no soul? If he loves her, he must give her her freedom to soar like the blithe spirit she is. A big walloper and flipper feet isn’t everything FMC.
But in truth, I have no opinion on the matter. I wish them well. Just hope it doesn’t end in tears, that’s all.


This picture is a young LAD! That’s right Muffy, a BOY, ohh Muffy!(If that doesn’t draw her out, we’re fucked).

Yes, talking of poetry, the illustrious Mynah Bird posted some verse again to illustrate a point and the besotted GB was too busy with new friends to appreciate it.
A commenter called Desargues has turned up, all classics and maths and cufflinks. Frightening, but a welcome intellect I‘m sure. GB’s taken a shine to him and calls him Des! Be still my beating heart! Watch him! We must check his bona fides.
And on that subject, there’s a new link to that
schmeby fellow. I’m not at all sure what to make of him either, but welcome to my humble hearth. You’ve just this minute missed high tea, but there’s some whisky on the dresser.

Binty McShae is feeling desperately homesick. Well, we all do at this time. To add to his woes I must tell him that Roy ‘Keano’ Keane has signed for Celtic. But, the Bhoys could only draw with Inverness Caley, whereas the Teddy Berrs pressed home the advantage by beating Killie and have drawn an easy-peasy team (Villarreal) in Europe with Hugh Dallas to referee (if he has no “brethren” duties that night). So it’s not all bad. Chin up.

Snippet from Jokemail to cheer us up ferchristsakes.;
You Know You've Had Too Much Holiday Cheer When....
1.( of 21) You notice your tie sticking out of your fly.

The ANTI-Barney is shagging goats so maybe he DID go to Bray Boys after all.

I haven’t mentioned Andraste the Rabbit Girl because I derive pleasure from winding her up. I’m sick in the head.

El-Barbudo; noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Brewski says he’s still squeezing the juice. I believe him.

Kim the bearded Scotsman says he used to cavort round pastoral England wearing an animal skin to further our knowledge. I’m sure that was why.

Doctor Evil has come back! Hurrah and God bless us every one!

And finally Safety Inspector ’s mother said hello. I cant help wishing I hadn’t mentioned all that stuff about masturbating in the shower. Jesus, and worse, now I’m thinking about it.

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