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Saturday, December 10, 2005

…only for the…only for the…only for the hardcore UK raver !
R R R Rewindd…

It’s…Weekend Roundup!

First, thanks to all the commenters, what a fine bunch.

Fatmammycat’s talk of oily girl sandwich action proved too much for Maroon’s depleted blood supply but after some PG Tips (no offence GB) and a Tunnoch’s Caramel Wafer I was able to continue…Only to find yet more of the same at Mr G Bananas’ excellent sexual health forum. I took the rest of the day off, stopping only to collect my Viagras and Spiderman outfit from the cleaners. Why they sell Viagra at the cleaners is a mystery to me as well.

Ms Redhead and I are back on the poetry trail. Hurrah! Such catharsis. High art. I think you should all visit Olivia's and leave your constructive remarks and or poetic efforts. It’s free! This means you as well LindyK.

And on that subject,
she has been in Vegas, jammy wee midden.

Binty McShae is right! I will remove the offending line accordingly.

Jokemail’s drink related warnings are not funny but instead are frighteningly accurate.

Andraste has drunk 100 proof vodka. Pishaw and fiddlesticks, we DILUTE our drinks with such weak provender. We want pictures!

The ANTI-Barney has returned safe from Barca for which we should all give a moment’s thanks. Ryanair being what it is, he could’ve ended up in Egypt with electrodes on his tentacles, and no VB, we don’t mean in a good way.

Brewski has a bad back!…and liver...and lungs…cerebral cortex probably…his blood must be awash with allsorts…but still, he’s young and the recuperative powers of the human body must not be underestimated.
In most cases.
His Awakening to the Military Industrial Complex is proceeding apace and he hasn’t panicked, yet, but we should look for the signs and be there for him with a firm hand on the tiller and whatnot when he needs it.

justbreathe28. stole a toy penguin from some infants. Yeah I know, pretty fucking sick, and this in the week that John Lennon was shot as well.
In the back.
25 years ago.

Kim the bearded Scotsman could find nothing to do in Falkirk for 2 hours (frankly, I don’t believe him), he didn’t lift the cup at the awards and has yet to explain coherently to those who may be interested, what a goddamned gravatar is.

Safety Inspector has passed way beyond us now through his stargate portal. He can still communicate but the space/time distortion thing is strong. Is it me or has he grown a bigger beard? Old Albert documented this effect. We remain young while he gets older before our eyes, and your own father becomes your second cousin. Hey that’s what he said (SafeT) not me, it’s all very mathematical, you wouldn’t get it.

Bigger beards
El-Barbudo! No, I shall not give beardy a hard time, he does not have far to look for his troubles; F**t Eater is back hovering.
God bless us and save us all!

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