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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

…and I’m hovering like a fly,
waiting for the windshield on the freeway…

Poetry Update: somewhat peeved that there’s been no feedback re my haikus. OK they’re only seventeen syllables long (that’s the Jap rules apparently) but I put my guts into them and a welcome kind word, even some gentle criticism oh never mind.
Thanks to Fatmammycat we now have pictures of the office pest. See below.
Must have him transferred forthwith, if only for the benefit of the collective. The steady state must be restored.

Shopping duty this evening. We hates it. It’s not the chore; it’s the fucked off look on everyone’s ill-mannered face that’s the killer. These cunts should spend some time in the east, a la Muff Diver, where life is cheap and they might not be so fucking tornfaced.
And all you parents out there, Slap Your Children! They’ll thank you for it. Spoilt little ratbags. In fact, why are you dragging them round the store in the first place you twats!?

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