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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Lets face it; we are by far the best, most erudite, funniest, quickest, cleverest most crackerjack lot on the Net today. Who compares? Exactly. So it’s happy Christmas to us, we deserve it.

Going up to town this afternoon. I always do this. There are tremendous bargains to be had on Christmas Eve from the overstressed staff (with a bit of bargaining). All shops will be heaving in a panic ridden jumble sale frenzy, which I shall sail through in an invisible bubble of calm. The best tip, is to dress in your best clothes and walk slowly, taking time to examine your purchases. The staff responds to this kind of behaviour and will totally ignore the drowning proles around you for just ten minutes of peace in your company. Trust me, always works.

Sexy Beauty. I still haven’t done it but I shall

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