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Friday, December 02, 2005

Bouncing Buckbeans.

She’s the girl who makes the thing that holds the ring that moves the spring that shifts the thingamabob.
It’s a ticklish sort of job putting the thing on the thingamabob, especially since it makes the engines ROAR. (or not, in this case)

My sincere apologies dear reader for abandoning the blog this week but I have an excuse.
This week I have been;

a) Mainly ill with an ague (avian bird poultry flu disease).
b) Drinking on St. Andrews night**, where I also got my photo taken by an IMPORTANT NEWSPAPER.*** He did look at me funny when he took down my name.
c) Visiting manufactories where they don’t know their arses from their elbows. Buckbeans all!
In fact, I am to be sent to another manufactory this evening, in ENGLAND of all places and will not return until Monday afternoon, at which point I shall be only too pleased to update you all.
I am to fly to Surrey which now has its own airport called Gatwick and then beetle up the Brighton Road to a drink-sodden suburb of the Great Metropolis crawling with lager louts enjoying the new relaxed drinking regs.
I can’t wait.
See you Monday.
Regards all.

** An unqualified success or utter disaster depending on your viewpoint. I asked more than once for blue vodka but still no joy.
*** The Oban Times.

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