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Monday, April 17, 2006


Futuristic contemporary religious political thriller with sex.

War torn Iraq. Local Muslim man looks around at country occupied by foreign army, mercenary banditry, cheapness of life, religious slaughter. Disenchanted, heads out to dessert to cool his jets, take stock, chill.
As Ramadan is coming up, he decides to look for The Answer by fasting just a wee bit more than is strictly required.
Drinks only desert water for 40 days.
Half mad with starvation, has psychotic episodes, delusions, hears voices, sees visions.
Returns to Basra.

Claims enlightenment, chooses some followers desperate for a leader.
They (all male) go off and decide how Muslims should now live and how women especially should behave in all circumstances.

Publishes New Muslim Manifesto. Gathers support.
Sunnis and Shiites are anxious.
Falls in love with V nice westernised Iraqi girl. More hubbub.

Provisional government under Allied Occupation, proscribe his organisation as dangerous and seditious.
Sunnis and Shiites organise his assassination. Quite grisly, body removed and never seen again. End of story.
Not quite.
Reported sightings in Baghdad, etc. much mutterings.
Things die down.
Years later, non Muslim takes up the case, sees an opportunity, a big one. Says anyone can join, not just Muslims, and we’ll call it something new to avoid confusion with the other lot. (who are WRONG).

Much later, everyone ends up living to a code devised by a handful of men with some really weird ideas. You’re not allowed a view, if you speak out, you get the bullet.

Well? Whatya think? Is it a runner?

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