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Friday, April 14, 2006

A Holiday! A Holiday!

I’m off till Tuesday. Hooray! Mrs maroon doesn’t get Good Friday.
She works in the public service. Fool!

She thinks I am clearing out the shed. We know better though, don’t we?

I only get today because the English get it. Presbyterian Scotland is a bit suspicious of all that idolatry, so the country grinds on.

The motorways are clogged with English heading north God bless ‘em. Six hours in the company Mondeo, kids sick in the back, granny forgot her pills and why bring that stupid boat all this way for 2 hours fishing on a loch so cold that 34 seconds is the survival record?

This weekend we get our own back for England winning the world cup etc. etc.

“Now let’s see, a lager, a white wine, a sherry (for granny), two pepsi maxes, anything else? Right that’ll be £23.87 thanks. No I‘m sorry, bar meals stopped at 13:30 PROMPT. (mutters) Bloody English. Food in a pub after 13:30! Never heard such fal de rals, truly I haven’t. Bloomin’ Ritz is what he wants.”

Good News Everyone!!!!!!

It’s all coming together!

Book Update: 73 pages! Wery pwoud yes, wery pwoud.
Macmillan the publishers
have an imprint for new writers!! The bloke was on the radio. They’ve had 4000 finished manuscripts to date, which is a lot but they’ve read them all. You only have to email the finished work to them!

Here’s the links.

BBC Radio 4’s Open Book. A program about, well you work it out. Go halfway down the page for the Macmillan bit.

Macmillan the publishers

The man said they get a lot of science fiction but look at everything! I see they’re going to publish an SF book later this year, so they’re obviously not fussy! The NLP said it would all work out and here I am nearly a third through already!

Note: My wonderful book is NOT science fiction. I use the example for illustrative purposes only.

I have to see a man about a dog now, but will return later for some proper blogging which will have nothing to do with my writing career which is really taking off.

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