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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Guid New Year!

Remember when British TV was the best in the world?
I've just spent an improving hour watching some unknown naturalist climbing trees.
It used to be about the bugs and stuff up the tree, now it's about her climbing up a rope.
Why don't they just throw a bucket of shite over the screen and be done with it?

I think I shall bathe and change the bed linen whether it needs it or not.

I Know, Let's have a party. A summer one. Yay.

Rock on, me bredren.


savannah said...

happy new year, sugarpie! i saved you some birthday cake... ;) xoxoxox

Ms Scarlet said...

Happy New Year Dr Maroon - I've over done it....

Pat said...

Change the bed before it needs? Dear God is there no end to your profligacy?
Happy New Year dear Doc!

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year, Ack. Why not treat yourself to a new pair of underpants? Or if you're worried about the credit-crunch, just turn your exisiting ones inside out:)

Eryl Shields said...

Do you bathe and change the bed linen every year Doc?

Happy clean new year.

sarah said...

the smell of clean sheets.. (inhales)

snappy new year Maroon. i miss our conversations.

No Good Boyo said...

Good to see you're still out there making a difference, Doc. It was a pleasure to meet you. Arianrhod has learned to do a passable impression of you, on which she hopes to base an entire career.

xerxes said...

You look really good in that video, Doc, zoroastrianism suits you.

Dr Maroon said...

Savannah, cake. My slow-footed nemesis, yet a perfect way to go. Strawberry shortcake was the American favourite when I was younger, I wonder what it is now. Stick some in a jiffy bag and airmail it. Beats calendars. xoxoxox

Scarlet, Happy New Year. Oh I don't think you've overdone it at all. It's chemicals Scarlet old love, just that, chemicals. Endorphins and the like. They will build up soon enough. Oh I meant to ask about your saxophone reeds. Alto? Tenor? Well-tongued? I mention it because I tried to get one at a local music shop and they were terribly inquisitive. I just felt I should carry one. You never know.

Pat there IS no end to my profligacy. My past imprudence was the pebble that started the world's economic landslide, discounted flatscreen TVs notwithstanding. Euro pound parity oil at $37 a barrel, where will it end?

Kim, underpants are so gay. Black Everlast hipsters are the thing now.

Eryl I do, - a triumph of hope over circumstance. It springs eternal, it falls like rain, it's quality is not strained. Mmmmm Persil.

Sarah, it smells like victory. What you wanna talk about? I'll talk to anyone who'll listen, in fact whether people listen or not, I'm pig headed.

I'm on square 88 at the bottom of the ladder I will have my prize.

Boyo! That is very kind of you to say so. I hope your insurance company will cover the breakages and that your neighbours have started talking to you again. Please be assured you were not singled out for such bad behaviour, it's just the Maroon way. I am still withholding my licence fee however. Well it's a point of principle innit?

Zarathustra? What are you telling me Inky? Spit it out. Oh here, have an LBV. Cockburns, it's all I've got, sorry.

Dr Maroon said...

Christ sorry Eryl. that should read "its" NOT "it's".
I bloody hate that.

xerxes said...

It's the light bulbs doc, only you shouldn't stick them up so far. You can have too much of a good thing.

LBV? OK, thanks. [Sniffs cautiously.]