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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Because I'm Worth it.


savannah said...

taking a walkabout, sugar? or is that too much the typical american literal observation? xoxox

Mrs Pouncer said...

Where's the nactons, then? I feel misled. You promised.

Ms Scarlet said...

Good song! Good clips! So you're not a passenger Dr Maroon?

Foot Eater said...

Did you compile this? Rather good.

Dr Maroon said...

No, it's a cut n paste job from
I was in the car and it came on.

Anonymous said...

Been trawling through my home movies again, Doc.?,I'll have to start locking the cabinet.

Hey Footsie, I thought you were dead.

Dr Maroon said...

He's not dead, he always smells like that.
Where is your library? I demand to be told.

Savannah, "american literal observation?" Why not? Yes, you are right. xox

Scarlet I am both Captain and passenger. I am a POB. It IS a good song and good clips, isn't it?


Dr Maroon said...


nactons, I DID promise didn't I?
You shall have them; solid gold and diamond encrusted, if I have anything to do with it.


Kim Ayres said...

That bit with Butch & Sundance leaping into the gorge reminds me of that time you thought it would be a good idea if instead of paying for lunch we should run for it.

My suede boots never recovered from that ride in the rapids.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't everything better when men wore hats more?

sarah said...

heh heh Kim. i would imagine you and Maroon making a run for it. not because of lack of class, but to catch something spontaneous.

nice clips/song Maroon. i started naming off the movies.. goes to show how much of my life i've wasted in front of the t.v.

Pat said...

Great trip down Memory Lane. We were the cinema generation.

Dr Maroon said...

Kim you shithawk! You said the landlord owed you! Suede boots? Goin' rattin' Ayres?

Sam, if only I had a head for a hat. Unfortunately I haven't. Ayres has, he wears one of those Outback sheep drover affairs, in leather!

Sarah, neither Ayres nor I have any class. We are decidedly cheap.

Pat, did you see a young Gregory Peck drifting in and out? That is what I look like.
A drifter.

Kim Ayres said...

Actually that landlord has now bought a hotel up on Mull overlooking Tobermory. Bit of a long way to go for lunch, but great views.

Pat said...

Greg was a favourite with his hesitant manner and his labial bottom lip.

xerxes said...

OMG, there was Deborah Kerr in there, all too brief a glimpse. See her in Colonel Blimp; she has 3 roles, and she plays them all so differently.

savannah said...

so many movies, so little time ;)

Anonymous said...

just thought i'd let you know, i've followed up with another post dealing with that story you liked. i'm working on it again. you and another friend of mine, helped me get started, i thank you.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I fancied that was a glimpse into the many faces of Dr Maroon. Call me when you're being Steve McQueen.

Eryl Shields said...

There's a hat for every man Doc, you just haven't found your yet. I picture you in an over sized beanie, possibly striped and definitely with a pom-pom.

Dr Maroon said...

Eryl Shields, I have several hats each worse than the last. I have a T5 Tilley which makes me just indescribably ugly, a Tyrolean felt hat that Hitler would have been proud of, a WD woollen commando hat that I wear on the hills, Christ, will I keep going?

I am always Steve McQueen Daphne. I can ride a motor bike (GT250) drive a car fast, smoke like a fish, I even have the ppl just like he did.
(d.y.k. he was an anorak? Bet you didn’t. That’s right, ol’ Stevie could bore for the US on the subject of Pratt and Whitney radials and trailing edge vortices.)
Thomas Crowne Affair was better than Bullit. Am I right? You betcha.

Sarah, I shall read it forthwith. It better have lashings of sex.

Savannah do you have that movie channel, Hollywood Movie Classics or something? It’s the best. I’ve only ever seen it in the US. I would move there tomorrow for that channel alone.

Pat who is there now? Brad Pitt? Screen presence? Don’t make me laugh. This desk has more emotion in it and has better delivery. Sorry, I’m drunk.