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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sir Bufton Maroon writes, after an agreeable afternoon in the front bar.

Notes and queries;

F sharp and Harry Hutton.

BTW, Harry Hutton called me a toady then demonstrated correct semi colon use.
You’ve got to love him.

British Justice

is the best in the world. Ask any Irishman. However, we are quickly sliding down the league table towards the likes of Burma and the United States.
In an atmosphere of panicky public terror, two armed police killed the wrong man by shooting him 26 times point blank with dum-dum bullets.
Not only was he the wrong man, but there never was a right man that the poor unfortunate might have resembled.
Such incompetence must be tested in court, surely?
Well no.
Not only that, but they are both back on firearms duty!
Now this might be handy.
The metropolitan force are to be prosecuted under the 1974 HASAWA*. Surely having these two myopics armed, locked and loaded, walking the streets of our fair capital constitutes a hazard?

Israel and the Palestinians and the Lebanese.

I can’t be arsed. I’ve only so much adrenalin.

Number crunching.

There’s about six million Israelis (6,276,883) [CIA] and so far, they have drawn down six billion dollars worth of the current (Bush Administration) military aid grant of ten billion. That’s about $1000 dollars per Israeli, of American tax revenue. I wouldn’t mind, but the United States is running its foreign deficit at about $90,000 for every man woman and child in their country.
That is, the American population, is in hawk to us, to the tune of 90 grand each, yet they’re still chucking it about like they own the place.

If you don’t believe me, may I point out that I’m Scottish, like the first secretary of the US Treasury, a man called Alexander Hamilton, and if there’s one thing we Scotch understand, it’s cash!

I’m off to slur some comments on others’ blogs now.

* Health and Safety at Work Act.

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