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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Breaking news!

Congratulations to Joe Whited, aka SafeTinspector. He is a father again!
New daughter (Riley) and mother doing fine.
Firstborn daughter and Big Joe himself, fine also.

More pictures and full story here :

Last Sunday, the plan was to sit quiet and update myself re all your blogging affairs, just like reading the Sunday papers. I was looking forward to it so much that every time I thought about it, I had a pleasant tickle in my stomach. But the good weather intervened, and I was extolled thus;
“come out, come out Maroon. Leave the ghostly words alone, turn your back on them, come with ussss…to Mordor we will take you…come on Maroon, don’t be ignorant…come feel the sun on your back…beer will be provided…ah, there you are.”

Other Recent and Current Diversions.

World Cup. Won by Zidane, no question.

Company firefighting or crisis management or troubleshooting…
(That’s what THEY call it. It’s complete bollocks.)

[What you actually do is go to an unfamiliar town, talk to someone for an hour, 2 hours max, get shown something, then bum about drinking and eating for two days making the best of it, while they sort it out, go back for another hour to see what they’ve done, get a lift to the airport/train station, drink again and arrive back at night, knackered and half sozzled and not a little smelly, only to repeat the process the following week.
It’s total utter crap and can be done over the phone.
It’s a device to get the loose cannon out the plant for a day or two.
I’m not stupid, I know what’s going on here.]

I don’t know what’s going here half the time

Farnborough, (Old RAE as was)

Tour de France (won by Floyd Landis, USA)

Celtic Vs Manchester United. (Live from Paradise tonight! Channel 5)

Weather. (Uncommon good)

So, there you have it. My situation in a nutshell.

Late Update.

Remember I said that Israel had asked the US for early delivery of those laser guided bombs? Well they landed in two planes at Prestwick outside Glasgow (favourite Scottish airport of USAF and CIA) a day or so ago for a rest on there way to Jerusalem.

Some have been put to use already, with the news that they have blown up a UN obs post in Lebanon with one of these Bunkerbusters, killing 4 UN military observers, a Canuk, a Finn, A Chinaman and a Austrian. Can’t have those pesky UN watching what’s going on.

Small world eh? I will be writing to my MP soon. As soon as I have some tea and muffins in fact. (elevenses).

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