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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Second intermission.
Please read the previous post first.
(Still Act Two Still)

Did you see the way he had to go back and put in that bit he didn’t copy over properly? No I missed it. Well if you read it again you’ll see. The bit about the prophesy near the bottom. Oh I see it. Yes the film was funnier.

“…is the bar shut?
Can’t be
1800 people in here and they shut the bar?
What about a sponsor’s miniature?
They’ve fucked off too
Can you not go an hour without a drink?
I’m just sayin’ wait a minute.. him over there…hang on…excuse me, where did you get the lager?…….
Right come on, follow me, he says the wee bar’s open up the top, we’ve plenty time...”

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