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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there…

Cluster maps are COOOL!

They scrubbed all the little red dots off mine on 1st January, I didn’t know they were going to do that, but the current one is interesting because, much to my embarrassment it shows two particular visitors.
One from CAPEtown and another from RIO de Janeiro. Gettit?

What did they think? Are they now, as we speak, taking steps to have the name changed to avoid future confusion? Are they searching their members’ databases for an important Doctor Maroon to be sure of not ruffling the wrong feathers? We await developments with trepidation.

That elf shagger from Iceland was on the last one as well; this is where the map helps.

The Indian ones are friends of the Oxford lads on the Contra-Puntal site. They must have done a reverse link and come here. I don’t think they would be disappointed, it’s just as pseudo intellectual here as the Oxford ramblings. (I’m actually a light blue but don’t tell them).Fuckbags.

There's one in Finland, That must be because of Doctor Evil's coffee debate. Nosey Finn bastard. Look to your own affairs! You and your eggshells. Just joking. You are most welcome my frigid friend. Put the knife down son.

If you can identify your red dot or dots, I’m sure the group would be fascinated.

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