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Friday, November 18, 2005

With a Hey Nonny Nonny!

I must go away till Monday dear readers (we’ve reached the area quarterfinals) but I shall return with a bigger better bumper updated Cape to Rio.

I know, you must be pissing your pants in anticipation, but don’t succumb to drink this weekend unless as agreed you;
Take notes at 20-minute intervals during the session.
Keep stool, vomit, bile and diarrhoea samples, especially if you get two or more simultaneously.
Record hangover impressions, preferably with audio/video equipment.

In the meantime feel free to visit the excellent sites on offer via the handy links on the left.

FMC a note. Italians only appear to have bigger willies. A triumph of presentation over content.

SafeTinspector’s mad brain story autopilot-of-damned
Miss Redhead has discovered

See ya Monday.

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