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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

By the Hoary Hosts of Yog-Sogaroth!

I wasn’t going to mention this but now I must.
Andraste's spidery-hangover convinces me.
Everyone in this sector of the Blogosphere got ratarsed drunk at the weekend and suffered a cataclysmic hangover as a result.
Don’t believe me? Look around you.
I’m thinking Haloscan subliminal advertising.
Now some of us drink at the weekend anyway, but to take till Tuesday night to climb out of a hangover is exceptional even for me.

A curse of the scientific mind is not being able to take things at face value.
To us, coincidence doesn’t exist, it’s all causal.

We must be careful here. There are genuine coincidences.
Example 1.
Your friend buys an odd foreign car you’ve never heard of, yet for the rest of the day you keep seeing them. (that IS weird.)
Example 2.
Everyone at work thinks it’s Friday.

Mass hysteria? Maybe or maybe not. In any event we should register our findings without delay at Andraste’s site and look for a pattern. There could be money in it.

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