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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I was following a Walkers shortbread lorry up the motorway tonight and I had some pretty weird thoughts about it. They just came into my head from nowhere. You know that one where Homer Simpson finds a crashed sugar truck and steals all the sugar? I couldn’t get the idea out my mind of how great it would be if the shortbread lorry overturned and everyone on the motorway went mad and dived into the pile of shortbread. It could have been a total shortbread-arama! Everyone would gorge themselves sick on shortbread in pagan nakedness then revert to Norman Normal when the police showed up to spoil the fun and take our particulars.
Either that part of the motorway (M90) runs over some strong ley lines or I am suffering cravings because of my pregnancy. I’m going with the ley line theory; I can’t be pregnant, (no one will sleep with me).

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