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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dickey does Dallas.

Scene 1: morning, interior: Sunny apartment overlooking the river. Spacious, minimalist furnishings, objets d’art, paintings etc..

Enter Persephone Melons, lady of the house, dressed in lipstick, nightie, earrings and thong.

Persephone: Gosh darn it, I wish that plumber would arrive.

Footsteps off, doorbell, (ding dong type). Persephone opens door to

Karl Diggler: Hi, I’m the plumber…


Yes, can I just stop you there luv?...Karl sweetie, I’m not getting any sorrow from you old darling…remember your ex-girlfriend’s just been devoured by piranhas, so a bit more…Ronnie sweetheart be a treasure and put a filter over that light, there’s a good boy, her thong’s strobing like I shouldn’t wonder…Makeup!...can you do something with Miss Melons’ face dearie?...we’re getting a massive flare off her forehead this side of the lens and it’s ruining the…thanks luvvie,…just do her boobs while you’re at it…right everyone!...from “Gosh darn it” Persephone…lots of anxiety this time darling…and…


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