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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baile atha Cliath

Yesterday in Glasgow, I was behind an Irish car at traffic lights, its plate started 91-D-something and had Baile atha Cliath written on it, so presumably a Dublin registration from 1991.
So what?
Well, not 20 minutes later, I was behind another one!
There’s a name for this.
Either it’s a ‘sign’ or that other thing where you think it’s a ‘sign’ but it isn’t. You only notice it because you’ve noticed it. Like wrong phone numbers. If they didn’t answer, you wouldn’t know that you’d dialled a wrong number. I might have passed a dozen Polish cars in the same time for all we know, but being Polish, they don’t count and wouldn’t be a ‘sign‘.
Don’t you think that this explains the argument against intelligent design much better than Richard Dorkins and all his mathematics? Apart from the Polish cars of course. They ARE an anomaly.
They are a gift from God.

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