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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I’ve done my voting
in the Irish Blog Awards thing, so we won’t see Major for another year.
Is it a year? They seem to come round faster than Christmas.
I remember the first ones, when all this were just fields and kids was respectful to their elders.
Back then, The Vaporiser got my nominations but the organisers pulled him, so ‘stuff that’ I thought.
Then they started disappearing up their own backsides with all their categories.
Best use of Irish patois in a non-political-group-singing-blog, etc.
Remember The Maroons, the antidote to awards?

Anyhoo, I’ve voted.

If there’s any justice, The Swearing Lady will win best blog, TM will be invited to the ceremony and go this time, but not win anything and be beaten up by some or other group he’s slagged off in the last year, [which is why he sends his gophers to collect on his behalf] and Fatmammycat will sweep the board and become Irish President and appoint me her “special secretary of state with unfettered personal access” and we will fly round the world in Aer Lingus’ best jet spreading love and goodwill among the poor and ignorant.
If there’s any justice.

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