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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who will speak for the missing?

The Anti-Barney Vaporiser.
Ask Anti (Agony).
The Foot Eater.
Binty McShae. (New)
El Barbudo.

These, the flower of western democratic blogging, ripped up by the townie children of indifference, and trampled into the dog fouled pavement of evermore.

Who will speak for the confused?

Kim fucking Ayres. (unsure about this one)
Justin fucking Barker.
Binty McShae (again)
El Barbudo (again)

These individuals who have given so much that they know not now who they are and are leading us all to think that perhaps there is no one out there at all. It’s all a big bastard hoax perpetrated by my many bosses and superiors to catch me out and sack me.

I have not added SafeT/27 inches to the list of the confused as I assumed that was his steady state.

I shall expound on this matter further.

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