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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A chance to put the record straight.

LindyK asserts that she “…went to a polytechnic university, so the student body was full of engineers, and all of them were hopeless nerds...

And Mr Gorilla Bananas says, “you've proved you've seen him, but I still don't think you know him very well”

While both statements may indeed be quite true, their very truth hides the lies concealed within.

Lets start with a nice snap of Jason King. Aka Peter Wyngarde. Note trim cuffs and hankie. Nice knot in tie.

You may not know this, but both Peter (Wyngarde) and I, are alumni of Trinity College. Not Dublin nor Oxford neither, but Cambridge, England.
Trinity is the biggest (and best) college of that fair campus. The majority of engineers at Cambridge are Trinity Men (even if they have breasts and cha-chas, and are therefore classed as women).

Here’s Peter in a very smart, tweed three-piecer (dressed to left), showing his flair and versatility. It takes panache to carry off such an ensemble. Remember, a carelessly crossed leg will push one of your testicles into the lower atrium of your abdomen. Tricky. Note the Dunhill Superking.

I WAS a nerd but that’s because I’m working class and everyone else at Cambridge was middle class. Even the porters recognised this. Well boo hoo! Did I mope and feel sorry for myself? No, I was living the life too much to even notice. While the wastrel sons of stockbrokers drank non-vintage champers on the green, I was lost in the delights of simultaneous differential equations, (don’t you try them, you won’t be able to solve them), and now look at me. Where are THEY? Why struggling to make their way in their father’s firms probably. Poor sods!

Here's Peter in a totally different rig-out. Nice gnashers. Again, good tie knot. (All engineers pay attention to detail.)

What you may not know is that Peter’s postgraduate work in fluid dynamics is still talked about. These developments coupled with advances made in heat resistant coatings for turbine components, enable YOU to fly to Barcelona for 20 Euro ($20), so we’ll have no sniggering at the back thank you very much.

Here’s Peter in more thoughtful pose. Probably musing on compressibility effects in turbulent flow. Good grooming, and silk neckerchief - class!

So then, that’s both theories successfully de-bunked! QED! You can have a successful career in industry AND wear nice togs.
The women thing…well Lindy’s maybe got a point.

Update: If I'd known how much of a shit time he'd had,( ) I wouldn't have been so beastly. He never mentioned it.

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