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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

100 UP!

For my 100th posting I had wanted the finale of Gothic. Best laid plans and all that. The anti-barney has provoked this instead.

Ever done an NLP analysis, then followed the 21 day course? They do work.

Years ago, hundreds of new mothers were asked what they hoped for their children. The overwhelming answer was “to be successful.”

The exercise was repeated not 10 years ago, and the answer was now “to be happy.”

Most philosophers will point out that happiness requires a level of disengagement from the real world, and is therefore not a virtue, not an absolute. How right they are.

Back to the NLP.
To begin, one has to write down one’s aims, then analyse the reasons for them, and follow the three week course to reinforce them. Put a bit of focus into it. You do not get what you want after the three weeks, what you get is the personal confirmation that you’ve started on the road to what you want.
It’s very effective and gets most people what they want. That is, what they decide they want. It’s efficacy leads to pleasant feelings of accomplishment and contentment. At the very least, it always dispels some of the fantasy shite that we fill our heads with, and points a way.
Starts us off.
You also realise that some of the ‘fantasy shite’ isn’t fantasy shite at all, and that if you want to, what’s stopping you?

“O.K. So what?” You say.
“He’s acting odd.” “Yeah, like a bloody Amway salesman.”
“Does he want money?”
“Where’s all this going?”

Well I’ll just fucking tell you, if you give me a minute.

I like it here, I have taken refuge, I have no complaints whatsoever. More than content, I am, it has to be said, happy here.

However, outside in the real world, I am a grumpy bastard. I like to shout from the sidelines, usually something like;

“That’s garbage! I could do better than that! Stop treating us with utter contempt.” (I mean things which occur in the real world. Out there...)

Well no longer! I am jumping in with both feet and giving it a go!

You will notice no outward change.
Cape to Rio will continue as the foremost blog in the firmament.
I may give myself another award if I see fit.
My decision is final!
But below the surface, just like the beautiful swan (sorry FMC) my project will be going like the fucking clappers!

As was often said at school, AD MAJORA NATUS SUM.

Thank you for listening.

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