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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I used to look after this girl's goldfish when they went on holiday.

Stop Press: What a twelvemonth! First it was Ali Bongo then Danny La Rue and now poor Old David Carradine! Oh Grasshopper. Time for you to leave.

"Is that Kung Fu?"

"No, he's choked the chicken."


Pat said...

A Pamela Stephenson in embryo. Will she go on to marry Billy Connolly and be a psychologist? Did the fish survive?

Ms Scarlet said...

I was also concerned about the fish.

Kim Ayres said...

She has your eyes.

I'm sure I saw them in a jar behind her door... (ba-dum tish...)

sarah said...

i don't like how her eyes dart from left to right. i imagine yours doing the same.


Mrs Pouncer said...

Sarah, calmez-vous. Maroon has eyes for two women only. One is the actress Lindsay Duncan, who he met on Broadway several years ago. He engaged her in conversation, believing her to be the clerk behind the counter at Perth Post Office. The other is my niece, Jayne-Marie. I made the mistake of introducing them at Frith Banbury's funeral. She is a girl of great pulchritude and no moral compass. Glorious to look at - the image of me at that age - she holds him in the palm of her hand. It is appalling. Last month, they had an assignation at Zetter's Hotel, Clerkenwell, and some older guests were sick to their stomachs at the sight of it.

Eryl said...

You used to look after that girl's goldfish when 'they' went away on holiday?

Dr Maroon said...

The fish thrived Pat my lovely. It was a holiday for them too.

Why the hell were you concerned about the fish Scarls? Plenty more in the sea.

She may have my eyes, not, but she's definitely got your beard Kim.

Sarah, my eyes have had their darting days. They are pretty sluggish now. But still paranoid.

Eryl yes. They. I worked with her father. When the family went on holiday, I got the goldfish to look after. The kids were much younger then; nearly 15 years ago now.

Dr Maroon said...

God Clarissa you have it to the life. She, Lindsay Duncan was so good about it. She obviously realised before me that we had never met before but she's a bloody good actress and never let on. I realised fairly soon I had made a mistake but for ages I couldn't quite work out what the mistake was and she kept giving me encouraging answers. God it was really good and really bad. I've always liked her since. On the subject of Jane-Marie, I don't know what she has told you or where you are going with this, but I'm sure she has exaggerated the Zetter's thing. No-one was sick for Christ's sake.

sarah said...

Mrs. Pouncer - thanks for the laugh.

Maroon: i KNEW it.

sarah said...

Mrs. P: i hope you understand that i was taking the piss. not every human of the female persuasion is obsessed with the Maroon.

Dr Maroon said...

yes they are

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