That pure Cane Spirit since 1848.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some interesting root canal work this morning at around 10 am local time...

So far this evening,
600mg Ibuprofen
1500mg Paracetamol
45mg codeine
1.5lt sparkling perry
35 cl rum type tincture 50%ABV (Approx) with diet cherry coke.
4 hours sleep in last 48

Feeling chust sublime.


Why the fuck not?

Here’s Joe Cocker.

Cocker! Snitter snitter fnar…

Oh, there are concrete mountains in the city…

Yeah and some Joni as well.

Oh it gets so lonely, when you're walkin' and the streets are full of strangers...

Hey if you don't like it...

It's Saturday and I'm in and I'm playing my records alright?

And some Bernstein

I like the island of Manhattan


xerxes said...

Ch ch ch cherry coke! Outrageous. Most people have forgotten that.

Sorry doc, I've got to crack the whip here: are you polishing your CV for All Souls? Oh, and the word on the street (you know, the "on dit") is that Trinity might be looking for a new master in a year or so. Are you ready?

Dr Maroon said...

I'm polishing something.

God Almighty I would LURVEEE to be master of Trinity. I cannot tell you. I would be in peroxides of ecstacy to be master.
All Souls on the other hand is a classy joint but I think they would take to me. I would be an academic Michael Martin.

Ms Scarlet said...

I'm a peroxide in ecstacy. This is a lie, at the moment I am bored and watching arseholes on TV.

Dr Maroon said...

Scarls darling, it must be preferable to watching them in real life shurely?
Here, drink this.
Don't ask, just get it over your neck.
Bottoms up!

Pat said...

Joe's great for a Sheffield lad and Joni is sublime. Sorry about the RC. I had one in Oz and it quite spoilt the Great Barrier Reef. Don't OD.

Kim Ayres said...

Diet cherry coke? There are some things I thought even you wouldn't stoop to. The world is even more unsettling than I'd believed

sarah said...

mixing all that with spirits.. lovely. do you want to die of liver failure? i've heard it's rather painful.

Dr Maroon said...

Pat root canal. you know the worst bit? when they put in the long long drills, the stuff that came out smelled fishy. Yes fishy. A very bad sign. I was past caring. I was thinking of Concorde and the British Empire and Mallory and Shackleton.

Kim you are sooooo square man. Cherry coke is the new black

Sarah, i'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a pre frontal lobotomy. I know, poor, I'm in denial. It's these foreign shores.

Mrs Pouncer said...

What shores?

(Quick with the punchline before someone else leaps in).

Dr Maroon said...

Why thank you, you're very kind, I'll have a large gum-freezing white wine.

sarah said...

root canal is nearly a front lobe lobotomy. fishy isn't a good sign. you're sure you've not contracted an infection. i do believe it's beginning to effect your thinking.

*buh dum tish*

Pat said...

Sarah: with root canal work isn't the infection there already? I know nothing.

sarah said...

some root canals are pre-emptive. the ones that are infected, apparently hurt a lot worse.

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