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Friday, December 12, 2008

Have arrived Windhoek 1300 hrs today.
No jetlag just knackered.
Had two bloody marys on flight from Johannesburg [sp?] and fell down stairs gratefully onto Namibian soil.
Locals thought I was so pleased to be back that I was kissing tarmac just like JPII. They weren't far wrong
Luckily it is full summer here (42 Celcius) so have sweated it out in 20 minutes and am now ready to hit the town. No sign of any cholera YET.
Cannot embed song (shitey bloody hotel computers) so will type out link below.

Back soon.


Unknown said...

Spelling of Windhoek is impressive. But you mean Kirkintilloch.

Ms Scarlet said...

You been taking microdots again?

Kim Ayres said...

Email Foot Eater to see if he knows any good places to eat. He used to be from round there, give or take 2,000 miles

Eryl Shields said...

Bloody Marys and sun, I'm so envious.

savannah said...

are you staying at the windhoek country club or the kalahari sands, sugar? xoxo

Pat said...

Stay safe!
Seeing your scarlet H reminded me that suddenly I can't colour my text from Dashboard although I can in Word. When it is copied to Dashboard the colour is gone and the option that used to be there has disappeared. Can I bring it back? Please? Anyone?

Conan Drumm said...

Ack, the imagination is a great thing. Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

Dr Maroon said...

Buggy! Kirkintilloch? Not for a pension, mate. What will you drink? Absolute vodka is nice at this time of year. I don't mean the brand, I mean, oh you work it out. Sante.

Scarlett I wish. In fact I am on Paludrine (proguanil hydrochloride B.P. 100mg). An unpleasant pill that makes me cold and Avloclor 250 mg. I don't think you are meant to drink with them.

Kim, Foot Eater is a total cult.

And so you should be Eryl. I didn't fall down the stairs by the way. Four steps from the bottom I missed my footing and ended up on all fours on the tarmac. Being British I immediately jumped up and turned round to see who had left a fucking roller skate on the steps, nobody was fooled.

Alas no, Savannah; I am staying at the Vera Guesthouse. It has a nice pool, cheap bar, and six uniformed security guards on 24 hour rotation.

What is my scarlet H Pat? That cleared up months ago, even the itching has gone. We'll say bno more about it.

Conan Conan. In Ireland when you go to a filling station, if you ask, you may be able to buy a local A to Z or tourist map of the area. Out here they give you a map with your change whether you bloody want it or not. The map is covered in sat nav southings and westings marking crossroads and villages and stuff.

Conan Drumm said...

Yes, our 'discovery' maps come complete with co-ordinates for local water(ing) holes and little pictograms of delicious bush tucker.

Ms Scarlet said...

You be careful with them Dr Maroon. They might make you moody. Will you be home soon... it's okay, I'll drink your drink for you...

savannah said...

but why, sugar???? ditto what scarlet said..when will you be home? in time for my birthday, i hope! xoxo

Unknown said...

Are you Ack Maroon from Hyndland?

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Maroon ye divot, of course you can drink with paludrine and avloclor. If you couldn't, there would be no diplomatic presence in Africa at all. Just make sure you take them every day, at the same time, pissed or not. Come hame safe, wee mon, we'll set a place for ye at Jct 11 next Tuesday.

Oh - wait a minute. Heathrow is not a million miles from Reading is it? And there was me thinking you were going to trek all the way doon frae bonny Scotchland to see me.

Shall we all go and meet Doc off his plane? Just so he doesn't kiss the tarmac again.

Foot Eater said...

The word's cnut, Maroon, and never forget it.

As for places to eat in South Africa, I'd recommend someone's back garden in the blazing Highveld sun with the braai (barbecue) going and a few kegs of Windhoek lager.

Dr Maroon said...

Farrish? Is that Gaelic? Is it pronounced Kevin or Arthur or something? I'm not up on these new fangled names.

There is a diplomatic presence in Africa? I mean apart from the Chinese? Well I never.
I do not return until the 26/7th unfortunately. KLM bastards.

I KNOW what a braai is, Foot Eater. Do not feed the jackals! I have had tons of Cape to Rio even though no respectable bar sells it. Nearly got arrested in Tsumeb for parking on the wrong side of the street!
The most polite police inspector, beautifully turned out, let me off with the parking but his sergeant, also beautifully dressed, and a woman, gave me a N$200 fine for being Scotch-ugly. Whatever that is.

Scarlet, you must not drink my drink! That would be most uncharitable. I'll be back.

Savannah! I wouldn't miss your birthday for the world. xox

Pat said...

I've sorted my problem with a gadget I found in layout so cease to worry. If you look at your post you will see your scarlet H. Silly!

Pat said...

Happy whatever and come back soon.

Conan Drumm said...

Like Pat said, Happy whatever. Or just happy, to you.

savannah said...

seasonal greetings as appropriate, sugarpie! ;) xoxoxo

Ms Scarlet said...

Happy Whatevers as well Dr Maroon!

savannah said...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, Docs, and all your Clan of Maroon


Eryl Shields said...

Happy whatwasthat? to you and Mrs M. and a blazing new year too. X

Dr Maroon said...

I love you all! (except Kim)

Compliments of the season to ye all!

What'll we have? I know! Jampain!
And some black bun! Och Aye!