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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dateline Thursday 1st May.

I still got nothing.


Except, I 've picked up a phone stalker.

You heard me. Started on my birthday, (18th April) and continued last night. How mental is that?

That and the death recently announced of Hoffmann the researcher (bio chemistry) at La Roche who stumbled on LSD while fiddling with ergot. (sp?) The rye fungus.

It's gonna take ages to reply to all your kind comments.

Oh and this.

buggeration! Can't find the post.

Found it! December 2005 ! didn't realise it was so far back.

" Anyway because of my superb globetrotting remedial work, it’s now safe again to fly off to your favourite Christmas destinations.I’m positive it is. Yes. No I’m quite sure. Yes I’m certain. Avoid older MD80s"

and then THIS happens!

stick with me folks. I'll keep you right.

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