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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

’Allo du Perthshire mes enfants !
Zoot Alors mes ami, je am cream crackered; totalement !
Je am plum tuckered être.

Feels like ça fait une éternité que j’absent.

Je acheter un pair of trousers in France but je had to renvoyer them.
Oh oui? Were they…too loose or too long?
Non, je just didn’t aimer le couleur.

My wife’s gone to the West Indies.
No, the WEST Indies
Yes I made her go.

Toi et moi nous allons parler Franglaise avec le Docteur.
C’est bon pour la santé.

Dick asked me if there was any way in which the design or manufacture of a turbine blade could cause both engines on an aircraft to suddenly run out of power, simultaneously, perhaps, for the sake of argument, on final approach to 27 Left at Heathrow Airport.

I was so cross with him that I said yes, I could think of several circumstances whereby sloppy salesmanship would cause just such a fault, and that I was surprised it didn’t happen more often.
His face was a picture and he didn’t speak to me for hours.
Le twat.

Une bonne nuit de sommeil and I’ll be right as pluie.

Might have a little vin and pain and a couple of Gitanes and le grand verre du Pernod et noir.
Scrub that. I shall have a plain cup of Typhoo thé and a sandwich de jambon avec brown sauce.


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