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Friday, October 06, 2006

That really WAS some party!

I got this email!!!

SUMMARY: Your ClustrMaps daily visit limit has been exceeded multiple times, but here is an idea to help avoid repeated occurrences, since such occurrences may result in removal of your counter from our database.


Dear ClustrMaps user,

Although we do not want to monitor the ClustrMaps service too heavily, we have noticed that the number of visits per day logged on your site by our counter recently was 22532, which exceeds the normal daily allowed limit of 2500.

We try to treat the limit in a very lenient fashion, especially given that there can be local peaks or spikes in internet traffic. However, for anyone going over that limit on a fairly consistent basis, we send out this message.


PLEASE NOTE: Regrettably, under our current Terms of Service (see our Legal page), repeated occurrence of this situation may result in us REMOVING YOUR COUNTER from our database, in which case you will then start to see an empty map appearing. We try to avoid this whenever possible, which is why we send out these rather long emails first! However, if you suddenly start seeing empty thumbnail maps on your site, that is the reason.

ClustrMaps is has been designed to handle an enormous number of users for FREE, but this only works for users typically processing less than the normal daily limit of 2500 on their websites.


Please feel free to get in touch directly if you have any specific questions.

All the best,

-The ClustrMaps team

OR is some computer literate person like Kim Ayres (just for arguments sake) pulling my chain with some sort of comment robot bomb internet thing?

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